Spaghetti 360 和GODIVA巧克力——太平山,香港

一月十日。这是我们在太平山吃的午餐和零食。在太平山有不少餐厅,有较便宜的香港茶餐厅和快餐店,也有较昂贵的中餐或西餐厅。 跑了几间餐厅去看,最后决定了这间价钱不算贵,也有风景看得Spaghetti 360。


Spaghetti 360,The Peak Galleria



GODIVA巧克力, The Peak Tower


各式各样的巧克力,看得我俩舍不得走。但价钱不便宜哦,结果我们巡完整间店,买了最不贵的Milk Chocolate Macadamia, 45克的巧克力块,也要整HKD39!

2 thoughts on “Spaghetti 360 和GODIVA巧克力——太平山,香港

  1. T 一月 19, 2009 / 8:38 下午

    i’m not much of a food lover but that 蕃茄芝士意大利粉 looks really really delicious :)~~i remember it’s rather windy up at the peak, you still dare to sit outside despite such cold weather?!?did you stay till the evening to view the night scene? it’s festive season now so i guess all the buildings should have decorated with flashy lighting right? or is it the weather too cold until they are covered in fog??

  2. 阿Yee 一月 20, 2009 / 2:32 上午

    Yup, it was very windy actually. Though it looked like a sunny day, the moment we stepped out to the balcony, we could feel the cold weather. If not the waiter asked “怕唔怕冻?”,we 不好意思to turn back though my heart asking me to. Kekekke. We stay there until around 4.30 pm. only, dind’t wait for the night scene as I know my idiot camera won’t be able to capture that. We went Star Avenue after that.


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